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The Simpsons S10 Ep23 “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo”

The Simpsons are going to Japan! And Japan will never see this episode! Theres alot of great jokes and culture to dive into here's! So make sure you join the guys of Diddly to get all that extra knowledge...unless you want to have your ignorance punished!!! 

The Simpsons S10 Ep22 “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”

Durr durrr durrrr. Springfield people stupid. Lisa want Springfield people be not stupid. Stephen Hawking is a robot. I like crayons. 

The Simpsons S10 Ep21 “Monty Can’t Buy Me Love”

This episode is all about Thrillhouse. Wait, no. Thrillionaires! When Monty becomes jealous that he's not the most popular billionaire in Springfield he goes full on great Scott to earn the town's affection. Enjoy the Best Darn Diddly review of "Monty Can't Buy Me Love". 

The Simpsons S10 Ep20 “The Old Man and the ‘C’ Student” with Dr. Andrew Breseño

Best Darn Diddly keeps the streak alive with Dr. Andrew Breseño back on the show to review "The Old Man and the 'C' Student"!

The Simpsons S10 Ep19 “Mom and Pop Art”

The guys are showing their artistic side this week as they dive grill first into the cement that is the art world!!! Homer accidently lives out Marge's dream which will bring about all kinds of crazy antics! Is Homer a valid artist, or is he a fluke? Channel all your rage, mellow listeners, as the Diddly boys bring you all the fun facts of this great episode!!!

The Simpsons S10 Ep18 “Simpsons Bible Stories”

The guys go all in this week as they attempt to alienate all their listeners! They are talking about the Bible as the Simpsons do their best take on Easter and the good book!!! You may even notice a random Veggie Tales tangent! So buckle up as this may be the episode that cancels the show!!!

The Simpsons S10 Ep17 “Maximum Homerdrive”

Let the ultimate battle begin!!! This week Homer faces off in food, truck driving, and sleeping! And the boys battle about the Spice Girls!!! It's all out war on your favorite podcast about your favorite show on one of your favorite episodes! Let's get it on!!!

The SImpsons S10 Ep16 “Make Room For Lisa”

It's getting trippy on this dad/daughter journey! Lisa is stressed. Homer isn't helping. And Marge is eavesdropping on everyone!!! How will they work this out!?!?!? Luckily, the guys are here to bring home the heart with this classic Simpsons ending!!!

The Simpsons S10 Ep15 “Marge Simpson in ‘Screaming Yellow Honkers’” with Justin Cooper

We've got one shell of a guy joining us this week to review that other Canyonero episode. Justin Cooper from Epic Tales from the Sewer and more is here to help us review "Marge Simpson in 'Screaming Yellow Honkers'"!

The Simpsons S10 Ep14 “I’m With Cupid”

Love is in the air this week as both the guys and the Simpsons staff are forced into talking about Valentines Day!!! But the guys are fully prepared to spread their love of everything Simpsons as Apu tries to do the same with Manjula! Maybe Elton John will help us out!!! On the show... not the podcast... tune in!!!

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