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S7 Ep18 “The Day the Violence Died” with F is for Family Writer Henry Gammill

"F is for Family" writer Henry Gammill joins MrMostDaysOff & theWizKid this week to discuss the origins of Itchy & Scratchy!  Henry and the guys review a very meta episode of The Simpsons. Come learn about some behind the scenes stuff and how F is For Family and The Simpsons are even more connected than you realize on another fantastic podcast from Best Darn Diddly!!!

S7 Ep17 “Homer the Smithers” with Chris Hansen

Punches will be thrown in this episode of Best Darn Diddly!!! Dang, Homer's been in alot of fights lately...Smithers is on vacation, Burns is terrified, and the guys need backup on this review. So they called in a special guest!  Dallas comedian Chris Hansen joins MrMostDaysOff & theWizKid to serve up some Simpsons knowledge! Hold on to your Bobos!!!

S7 Ep16 “Lisa the Iconoclast”

This will be the Best Darn Diddly to embiggen them all! And that's totally a real word! Stop that, autocorrect!!! Lisa learns some new truths about the beloved founder of Springfield, and Homer's here to cry for help for his daughter. But are these truths real? And more importantly, what is the cost of these truths? Tune in to this great discussion on this cromulent podcast!!! Damn you, autocorrect!

S7 Ep15 “Bart the Fink”

Tax season got you down? Well don't worry because the Best Darn Diddly duo is here to put some pep in your step by talking about...death!!! Bart gets a bank account, Krusty is practicing tax "avoision", and Bob Newhart brings tears to Homer's eyes! Strap in as this show helps sidetrack you from filing your taxes!!!

S7 Ep14 “Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield” with guest David Allison

This week we are keeping it classy at Best Darn Diddly with our guest, comedian David Allison.  Miles, Richie and David discuss the very real struggle that Marge and her family go through to be a part of the Springfield Country Club with our review of "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"! 

S7 Ep13 “Two Bad Neighbors”

Let's talk politics! The 3 scariest words on Earth. So instead, sit back and enjoy this Best Darn Diddly episode that punches politics in the face!!! Homer and former president Bush are going at it as the landscape of Evergreen Terrace is at stake. Hold on to your memoirs and grab your prankster bibles for this showdown of epic proportions! Two men enter, and both are bad neighbors!!!

S7 Ep12 “Team Homer”

Ready to get bowled over with this exciting new episode of Best Darn Diddly? Homer's got the itch to win a bowling championship. He just needs the money first! I'm sure he knows someone with lots of cash...Join the guys to see how it turns out! Just make sure to have all your boweling done beforehand!!!

S7 Ep11 “Marge Be Not Proud” with Ryan Feuerhelm

This Best Darn Diddly is so awesome!!! There's fun to be had when Ryan Frank joins MrMostDaysOff & theWizKid to talk about the most serious and heart warming Christmas episode in the series. So listen to this episode or go to hell!

S7 Ep10 “The 138th Episode Spectacular”

This week Miles and Richie celebrate the 126th  Best Darn Diddly podcast in style with a review of "The 138th Episode Spectacular"! Yes, it's another Simpson's clip show folks, but we promise it's way better than "Another Simpson's Clip Show"!

S7 Ep9 “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming”

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Sideshow Bob time!!! And he's trying to make TV go out with a BANG! Can the Simpsons kids foil him once again? Tune in to Best Darn Diddly to learn all about this wacky Air Force adventure!