Best Darn Diddly (Simpson’s Podcast)

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The Simpsons S13 Ep12 ”The Lastest Gun in the West”

A rootin tootin' podcast about our favorite yellah bellied family

The Simpsons S13 Ep11 ”The Bart Wants What It Wants”

For best results Canadians should listen to this podcast at half speed

The Simpsons S13 Ep9 ”Jaws Wired Shut”

We suggest that you blend this podcast into a smoothie 

The Simpsons S13 Ep7 ”Brawl in the Family”

The podcast that feels like a warm hand hug around the throat

The Simpsons S13 Ep6 ”She of Little Faith”

No hamsters were harmed during the making of this podcast

The Simpsons S13 Ep5 ”The Blunder Years”

The only podcast that makes you feel like you just belly flopped into an empty quarry

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