Best Darn Diddly (Simpson’s Podcast)

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The Simpsons S11 Ep20 ”Last Tap Dance in Springfield”

Tappa tappa tappa the download button

Best Darn Everything (Ted Lasso)

What if Ned Flanders coached soccer?

The Simpsons S11 Ep18 “Days of Wine and D’oh’ses”

Please drink and podcast responsibly

The Simpsons S11 Ep17 “Bart to the Future”

We try to get through this podcast without accidentally kissing our mothers

Best Darn Everything (MCU Phase 4)

Is this shit still going?

The Simpsons S11 Ep16 “Pymoelian”

Our podcast gets a facelift

The Simpsons S11 Ep15 “Missionary: Impossilbe”

We record this one in our favorite position

Best Darn Everything (Conan)

The end of an era

The Simpsons S11 Ep14 “Alone Again, Natura-diddly”

Mikey B joins us to laugh in the face of death

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