Best Darn Diddly (Simpson’s Podcast)

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S9 Ep12 “Bart Carny”

Listen up, rubes! You need to jump on this trolley and win your sweetheart this one of a kind podcast!!! The Code of the Carny demands it! Just make sure you have enough bribe money to keep the fuzz at bay! But don't be scared stupid, because the guys are here to show you the ropes! Just make sure to keep clear of any fires!!!

*Note: this podcast is best listened to while being forced to do yard work or some type of yard work simulation*

S9 Ep11 “All Singing All Dancing” Drunken Singing Special

Miles and Richie and are drunk and they sing Simpson's songs. Either our best or worst podcast to date. Enjoy!

S9 Ep10 “Miracle on Evergreen Terrace”

Tis the February! It's Xmas time in Springfield, and the Simpsons clan are all in high spirits! But when a "robber" takes all their joy away, the family is left asking "Where's Christmas???" So join the guys as they try to solve this mystery before December gets here! This could be cutting it close!!!

S9 Ep9 “Realty Bites”

Make sure you don't tell people how Lenny lives after this one! Marge is in the real estate game and Homer gets a cheap car...that may belong to Snake! And as Homer tangles with the Jailbird, Marge tangles with "the truth" in this bloody good time of an episode! Make sure to say bye to your neighborinos before it's too late!!! You know the neighbors next door...the Supermans!!!

S9 Ep8 “Lisa the Skeptic” with Sunny Allison

This is podcast is nothing short of a miracle. Or is it? Best Darn Diddly was blessed with a special guest, Sunny Allison, this week. We may not be angels, but Sunny is. So tune into this week's review!

S9 Ep7 “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons”

It's wedding season in Simpsons-land, but one bachelor is not quite ready to settle down! Apu's life gets turned upside down as his family is ready for his arranged marriage! He makes the best decision by asking Homer for help. What could go wrong!? Join the guys as they discuss the wedding blues in this classic Simpsons episode!!!

S9 Ep6 “Bart Star”

It's Super Bowl Sunday so you better be ready for some football!!! The guys have the best QB ready to take the field as Nelson Muntz leads the...wait what do you mean Bart Simpson!? But he sucks! That's what happens when you have a bumbling coach like Homer leading a peewee team! You guys can stay, but i am so cut!!! Oh, also Joe Namath is in this one!

S9 Ep5 “The Cartridge Family”

If there's one thing that will drive a whole town's soccer!!! And Springfield is about to learn that the hard way! In the aftermath, the Simpsons decide they need protection...and protection they get! Everybody run cause Homers got a gun! When his family makes him decide between them and his precious gun, what's a Homer to do? You don't have to wait 5 days to find out as long as you tune in to this all new Best Darn Diddly!!!

S9 Ep4 “Treehouse of Horror VIII”

Witch, please! It's time for some true horror...of the treehouse variety! It's scare season as Homer is the last man on Earth, Bart becomes a fly guy, and Marge let's out her inner witch! So grab your broomstick, and don't eat poor Ralph, because it's time to give yourself the Diddly!!!! The best and darnedest of the diddlies!!! 

S9 Ep3 “Lisa’s Sax”

It's time to learn the backstory of a beloved Simpsons family member...Bart!!! He's starting school in this flashback episode, while Lisa is showing what a bright future she can have! Will Lisa want a weird saxamaphone, or will she want a literally cool A/C??? Listen up, as the guys try to leave with all the D'oh!!!