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S9 Ep5 “The Cartridge Family”

If there's one thing that will drive a whole town's soccer!!! And Springfield is about to learn that the hard way! In the aftermath, the Simpsons decide they need protection...and protection they get! Everybody run cause Homers got a gun! When his family makes him decide between them and his precious gun, what's a Homer to do? You don't have to wait 5 days to find out as long as you tune in to this all new Best Darn Diddly!!!

S9 Ep4 “Treehouse of Horror VIII”

Witch, please! It's time for some true horror...of the treehouse variety! It's scare season as Homer is the last man on Earth, Bart becomes a fly guy, and Marge let's out her inner witch! So grab your broomstick, and don't eat poor Ralph, because it's time to give yourself the Diddly!!!! The best and darnedest of the diddlies!!! 

S9 Ep3 “Lisa’s Sax”

It's time to learn the backstory of a beloved Simpsons family member...Bart!!! He's starting school in this flashback episode, while Lisa is showing what a bright future she can have! Will Lisa want a weird saxamaphone, or will she want a literally cool A/C??? Listen up, as the guys try to leave with all the D'oh!!!

S9 Ep2 “The Principal and the Pauper”

It's controversy this week as the guys have finally arrived at the episode that gets all the criticism!!! Armin Tanzarian is here, and there's tons of stuff to talk about! Is this the end of the Golden Age? Is this actually a good episode? Are people on the internet speaking on something they've never even watched!?!?!? Listen up, no-goodniks, as our hosts discuss all of this and more!

S9 Ep1 “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”

Season 9 is kicking off with an episode of mixed emotions and interesting facts! Homer will attempt to overcome his fear of New York to save a treasured family member...his car!!! So join the guys as they navigate the start of the season while going "LIVE"!

Note: MrMostDaysOff & theWizKid are not actually recording this live or in front of a live studio audience. Send all complaints to @MrMostDaysOff on Twitter!

It’s a Best Darn Diddly Christmas!

The guys take a break from the Simpsons during this holiday season to talk about other Christmas TV specials that they like to watch to get in the holiday mood! There may be less Bart, but the show will still dive into great episodes that fill the world with joy! So say Hiddy Ho and listen up as it's Merry F#$&ing Christmas!!!

S8 Finale Spectacular with Patsy and Ashes Rahall

It's time for the most difficult episode...picking your top 5 and bottom 1! The guys needed help listing these great eps, so they brought in 2 members of the Throwdown Thursday podcast to help get those lists in order!!! So relive the season that was 8 with the hosts with the most! Also, Miles and Richie...

S8 Ep25 “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson”

War were declared! Oh wait...wrong Matt Groening show! This week it's military school for Bart as he needs a punishment befitting his raucous actions. But Lisa will join him as she seeks a more challenging school curriculum. Will the Simpsons children survive!? The Diddly boys are here to walk you through this season finale episode. With entirely too much swearing for peace time!!!

S8 Ep24 “The Simpson’s Spin-off Spectacular”

It's time for everyone's favorite episode...the spin-off show! Miles and Richie are here to walk you through the crazy antics of this very different Simpsons episode! Listen carefully and you will even learn what theWizkid's current ringtone is on his phone!!! This episode has got it all!!!

S8 Ep23 “Homer’s Enemy” with Bill Oakley

Simpson's showrunner Bill Oakley joins the guys this week to discuss one of his favorite episodes as Frank Grimes joins the Springfield nuclear panner plant! He talks about just how dark this episode was when it first aired and how it's reception has changed over the years! Get strapped in for this discussion because there's tons of Simpsons fun packed into this fan favorite episode!!! Don't change the channel, Marge!