Best Darn Diddly (Simpson’s Podcast)

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The Simpsons S12 Ep17 ”Simpson Safari”

All proceeds from this episode go to help the hard working bag boys of America

The Simpsons S12 Ep16 ”Bye Bye Nerdy”

This podcast wants to bully you for your lunch money. Seriously, please buy us lunch

Best Darn Everything (Peacemaker)

We're making this podcast peacefully. No matter how many men, women, and children must be offended to achieve it

The Simpsons S12 Ep15 ”Hungry Hungry Homer”

We'll try our best not to eat during this podcast

Best Darn Everything (Wrestlemania 2022)

If you want a Wrestlemania review, give me a HELL YEA!

Best Darn Everything (The Batman)

We're talking about the only town more corrupt than Springfield

The Simpsons S12 Ep12 ”Tennis the Menace”

This podcast is made with love to a fault

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