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Meet the hosts

July 15, 2019
Mr. Most Days Off

Miles is a stand up comedian and actor. But mostly he is a man-child who grew up watching way too much 90's television including Nickelodeon, TMNT, pro wrestling, and of course The Simpsons!  Today he is still a pop culture junkie, wrestling fan, and all around nerd.  You can find Miles on Twitter & IG @MrMostDaysOff

He also runs the show's account @BestDarnDiddly
Richie the WizKid
Richie started watching the Simpsons at a young age (with his parents' approval even!). Those viewings started a lifelong love with the world's favorite yellow family. Richie also is a sports junkie, super hero fiend (does whatever a spider can), and video game addict. If you want to get on his good side just send him a pack of diet cokes! You can follow him on Twitter and IG @theWiz_Kid23