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S10 Ep1 “Lard of the Dance”

It's time to put on your best dress and strap on your best dancing shoes! A new girl arrives at Springfield Elementary and Lisa's going to show her the ropes! Meanwhile, Bart's taken out of school to help Homer achieve financial independence! And Skinner checks in with Lisa so much he never notices that Bart isn't there!!! Season 10 is kicking let's go already!!!

Best Darn Diddly #200 - A Tribute to Phil Hartman

It's Best Darn Diddly's 200th episode!!! No one ever dreamed that this could happen! The guys spend this monumental episode talking about the great Phil Hartman! They reflect on his life and career. They also call in some friends to help reflect on Hartman and his meaning to all of us! Join everyone for the fantastic celebration!!!

Season 9 Finale Spectacular

Season 9 has come and gone! So it's time to reminisce about the yesteryear! That means it's the guys time to shine with their Top 5 and Bottom 1!!! They also reflect on Mike Scully's first season as showrunner, and discuss the state of the Simpsons as a whole! This episode is Spectacularrrrrrrrr!!! 

S9 Ep25 “Natural Born Kissers”

Best Darn Diddly is getting naughty to celebrate the final episode of season 9. Join MrMostDaysOff and the Wiz Kid for a frisky review of "Natural Born Kissers".

S9 Ep24 “Lost Our Lisa”

This week's episode is no laughing matter, except for the stupid humor provided by Miles and Richie. The guys are lost this week as the penultimate episode of the season  puts the Best Darn Duo in unfamiliar territory, back in chronological order! Get back on track with the Best Darn Diddly review of "Lost Our Lisa".

S9 Ep23 “King of the Mountain”

This mountain of an ep is going straight up with the intensity!!! Homer gets buff as the guys seem to thin out their commentary this week. Thank goodness Kent Brockman steps up to guide us through this tretcherous time! What happened to this episode? Don't ask questions you aren't ready to be answered as the guys attempt to tackle the Murder Horn!!!

S9 Ep22 “Trash of the Titans” with Mike Scully

It's a podcast of celebration as it's the 200th episode of the Simpsons! All in the 195th podcast of the show! And the guys are bringing along the season 9 showrunner Mike Scully to dive into all the behind the scenes details!!! The Diddly men can in this great look into an Emmy winning episode! Plus there's Steve Martin! And U2!

S9 Ep21 “Girly Edition” with Jamie Zeske

Jamie Zeske joins the boys of Best Darn Diddly to bring her expert perspective on this classic Simpsons episode. Enjoy our review of "Girly Edition"!

S9 Ep20 “The Trouble With Trillions”

It's all about the money in this Simpsons ep! And rats!!! Homer's tax fraud pits him in alliance with the FBI as they search for a missing trillion dollar bill! And Miles searches for the plot to this episode, as he looks ahead to the future!!! How will all these topics get resolved!?!?!? No matter what, it will be EXCELLENT!!!

S9 Ep19 “Simpson Tide”

It's all about the facts in this new Best Darn Diddly as Homer is joining the Naval Reserves! But don't expect the facts to be factual, as everyone involved mixes things up!!! The captain even joins in on making some grave mistakes! But all the chaos equals all hilarity when it comes to these guys! So sit down, grab your knife, and achieve your peas with this fun Simpsons ep!!!