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The Simpsons S10 Ep14 “I’m With Cupid”

Love is in the air this week as both the guys and the Simpsons staff are forced into talking about Valentines Day!!! But the guys are fully prepared to spread their love of everything Simpsons as Apu tries to do the same with Manjula! Maybe Elton John will help us out!!! On the show... not the podcast... tune in!!!

The Simpsons S10 Ep13 “Homer to the Max”

This episode of the Simpsons completely changed the character of Homer Simpson... to a bumbling buffoon!!! Homers new favorite TV character is changed, so he sets out to change his name! And with great names come great responsibility! So join the guys as they discuss all this and more on this fan favorite episode!!!

The Simpsons S10 Ep12 “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday” Part 2 with Karma Waltonen & Denise Du Vernay

More Superbowl action with Karma Waltonen and Denise Du Vernay. Enjoy part 2 of the Best Darn Diddly Review of "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday".

The Simpsons S10 Ep12 “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday” Part 1 with Karma Waltonen & Denise Du Vernay

We're joined once again by Karma Waltonen and Denise Du Vernay for a two part break down of "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" on this week's Best Darn Diddly!

The Simpsons S10 Ep11 “Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken”

It's Kids Vs Adults in this showdown! The kids are blamed for a night of vandalism, which causes a curfew to go into effect! How will the kids retaliate??? In the best way possible!!! Join the guys as they talk horror, baseball, and weird Marge phrasing with this incredibly fun Simpsons episode!!!

The Simpsons S10 Ep10 “Viva Ned Flanders” with Mikey B

This podcast sets out to answer the question, what could go wrong? And who better to wreck a train with than Dallas comedian Mikey B! Enjoy this hilarious break down, as the guys try to break down this classic Simpson's adventure. 

The Simpsons S10 Ep9 “Mayored to the Mob” with Jayden Libran

Were having a Star War on this week's Diddly. Voice actor and future Simpson's cast hopeful, Jayden Libran, joins Best Darn Diddly to discuss this extra nerdy episode featuring the multi talented Mark Hamill. 

S10 Ep8 “Homer Simpson in ‘Kidney Trouble’”

It's gonna blow this week!!! That's not a reflection on the podcast quality...or is it??? The Simpsons family goes to a ghost town, and Abe gets a little loose with the drinking. You'd think it'd effect his bladder, but we're no Dr. Hibberts! Will Homer step in to save his dad!? And will anyone step in to save this podcast!?!?!?

S10 Ep7 “Lisa Gets An A” with Zach Marmolejo

This week Miles and Richie decide to cheat the system just like Lisa Simpson. We've got stand up comedian and Simpsons super fan Zach Marmolejo with us to review "Lisa Gets An A"!

S10 Ep6 “D’oh-in’ in the Wind”

Let your freak flag fly!!! Homer's going all out hippie in the far out episode! While filling out a form, Homer realizes he doesn't know his own middle name! This leads him on a quest to find the ultimate answer!!! So put on your ponchos and make sure you're barefoot, because this juice will be worth the squeeze, man!!!

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